Marco Madonia

Born in 1997 in Sicily, in Palermo.

Attended Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo, 2018-2020; and Academy of Fine Art of Carrara.
He has played extensively in analogue and digital photography making numerous projects with important professional figures in the world of art and not, establishing relationships of trust and cooperation with many foreign countries.
He is interested in various forms of art such as painting, sculpture and photography.
It has been constantly experimenting with different languages, including the ones involving computer science, refining technical skills regarding the processing and design of the digital image.

Artistic Experiences:
-2nd classified national photo contest “Il potere dell’immaginazione” HuffPost Italia, 2020
– “Inside” work exhibition in the “The First Outlook” exhibition Shenyang in China, 2019
– 1st classified national photo contest “Open Eyes on the City” Italia Nostra Roma, 2013-2014

-Palermo Periferie. Accademia di Belle Arti di Palermo, 2020, pagine 198, libro;