• 2021
  • “Geènna” is the biblical name of the valley of Ennom, a place sadly famous for being the scene of murders erased by the flames together with the rest of the corpses of animals that were dumped in this valley used as a landfill.

    This series conceives the individual as a fragile being, at times resigned and brutal, immersed in a contemporaneity that is, on the contrary, hostile and indomitable that does not admit, and therefore does not contemplate, the identity of man.

    In a dimension like that of Hell in which the damned strip themselves of their dignity and their being to immerse themselves 'naked' in the flames of sin, there is no way to recognize individuals: each soul is damned as much as the other and thus lives. a place that judges them without recognizing them.

    The affirmation of oneself is therefore destined to be accomplished in the action of a gesture that involves self-destruction or the elimination of the other through violence, in a 'deaf' world that continues to impose itself ignoring the cries of the host.