Ultima figura

  • 2022
  • The question posed by Disavvenenza series finds a crude answer with this photographic series through images that leave no room for interpretation, as they are clear portraits of the reality that surrounds us.
    Marco Madonia thus went in search of the ecomonsters that Sicily retains nostalgic, recalling the stories that these places, now abandoned for some time, recall. Contemporary walking has seen these huge structures swiftly move from crowded places to mega-wastes of entire collapsed systems. Whose offended nature, has reacted over the years with a slow reconquest, giving it charm like ancient ruins.
    The sublime here leaves room for horror: Does Ultima figura anticipate a man who has, in turn, stopped contemplating his own land?
    Sicily, just as Leonardo Sciascia stated, also embodies the “metaphor of the world” in this sense: it contains within it the eternal contradiction between beauty and abomination.